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Smart Phone vs iPad vs Paper Menu -- Wheres the Waiter?


In a word it comes down to disgusting. People sneeze, cough and other things on their hands then rub it in the menu .. or at a minimum as their nasty fingers flick across the iPad screen God only knows what crap is being dropped off or picked up.

Wow a hundred people have used that iPad or paper menu before I touched it. Personally I prefer my phone.

It's a very different experience to order from our technology vs a paper menu and waiter. Now a great waiter .. well that's a different story but great waiters are not the norm. Our technology allows guests to see a lot more information than can be put on a regular menu.

Each item on your menu can get a picture and very full description that might include calories and ingredients and even reviews. Unlike a traditional menu your restaurant staff to can change text, images, out of stock and prices as needed. The staff can add, disable and remove dishes and drinks as needed. The staff can add as many options for dishes and drinks as needed, things like over easy or tar tar. Sub-options like on my optional salad I want my Italian dressing on the side.

A great waiter will have all the knowledge in their head about every dish and if its available right now and ask the right questions at the right time - a guru. Our technolgy mimics a human guru in knowing every option and being uptodate it goes even further in allowing you to give in depth knowledge and full color pictures and reviews of your food and drinks.  How long does it take to train a new guru your entire menu? Our software - your menu in all its detail -  is downloaded to your clients cellphones often in less than it takes to blink your eye.

iPad's and other tablets need to be properly sanitized and cleaned between uses. Many menu's are laminated specifically for that reason many other menu's are only used a few times before they are thrown away. Smart Phones .. also have the nice thing about them in that if your client drops their cellphone while ordering or their two year old spills their drink all over it .. it's their problem. You also want peoples smart phones to leave with them while you certainly don't want YOUR iPads leaving with them.

MenuGuruS makes your decision really easy. Use their smart phone but if you really have the right clientale then use an iPad. If you have any doubts about using an iPad or the clients smart phone. Then save the money and extra hassle and use the clients smart phone. Keep a few paper menu's and someone that is great with talking to people - you will always need them. Sort of like ATM's and bank tellers. There are still bank tellers but there are also many ATM's. ATM's are really efficient at doing what they do but are not nearly as flexible as a person and you still go to the bank.

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Last Updated Apr 09, 2012

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