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At a minimum you probably need a cook or bar tender. We will assume that you have one tablet and an Internet connection.


The work flow is that initially the client will use their cellphone and or a tablet to order their food and drinks. The food and drinks will appear in either the kitchen or bar views. The cook or bartender will tap preparing when they start processing the dish or drink and tap prepared when it is done and ready for delivery. The wait staff view will show all the food and drinks that are ready for delivery. The wait staff should tap the delivered button when the food and drinks have been delivered.


Depending upon how you have the system configured you might need a cashier view. Many of our clients are selecting to only allow online payment where the clients can pay with their credit card, Paypal, Google or Dwolla accounts. If you allow in person payment then you will need a tablet or PC to show the cashier view, this view allows cashiers to accept and process payments in person. You can get away with just one tabler or actually even an Android or Iphone as long as they have a stable Internet connection.

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Last Updated Feb 16, 2012

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